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How Robots Can Help Children’s Education

A new study suggests that robots can possibly play an important role for the education of children, but they will likely never be able to fully replace teachers.

The science magazine Science Robotics published research that shows how social robots could be helpful in teaching certain subjects, such as grammar or mathematics. But current technology is still too limited for robots to entirely replace teachers or tutors. Robots still have difficulties when it comes to speech recognition and their ability for social interaction. It will in all likelihood still require many years until robots have mastered these difficulties.

Britain’s Jockey Club Makes Good Profit in 2014

The British Jockey Club, the British horse racing organisation which is famous for hosting some of the nations most popular racing events such as the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National announced record-breaking financial numbers.

For the sixth year in a row, the club was able to grow its operations, having now achieved a record turnover of £171.2 million. As compared to two years previously, the groups profits rose by 5.1%.

Those record numbers allowed the Jockey Club to to award more than £19 million in prize money in the previous year. This is an increase of £900,000 compared with the year before. The club was also able to invest more than £36 million on upgrading its facilities throughout the country.

Compared to the numbers of 2013, the organisation could rise £21.7 million more, a total of £55.2 million.

Looking at those profit numbers, 2014 second-largest profit year for the renowned British horseracing organisation.

CEO Simon Bazalgette to the press: ” “By maximising returns from our commercial operations we’ve been able to invest more than 400 million pounds into the sport in the last 10 years,” chief executive Simon Bazalgette said in a statement.”

He added: “Racing brings enjoyment to millions of people each year and is responsible for tens of thousands of jobs. We take very seriously our role as stewards of some of its most iconic events as well as our operations throughout all levels of the sport.”

Smartphones and Tablets Cause Wrinkly Skin, Say Experts

It may sound far-fetched, but scientists have indeed found that the constant use of mobile devices does not only disrupt our social lives and may cause the one or the other health issue but is now also to blame for something you might not even think of: Bad skin and wrinkles!

The scientists found that people who spend most of their time bending over their electronic devices, sometimes many hundred times a day are more likely to suffer from wrinkles around their neck along with other pleasantries such as sagging skin, dropping jowls and “a distinct crease above the clavical”.

The medical experts gave this condition a name: Tech Neck.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do to avoid this condition when you’re one of those who cannot be out there electronic gadgets. The only solution would be prevention and this is to limit your use of those devices.