How Modern Fire Sensors Can Keep Fire Damages at a Minimum

Modern fire sensors, equipped with advanced digital imaging software are the best and most effective way to keep damages from fire and a minimum.

Advantages of modern fire sensors

Optical fire detection systems such as the Fcam and other fire detection cameras are combining the benefits of a traditional IP camera with that of an IR camera with advanced digital imaging technology.

This way, a fire sensor can detect even the smallest flames, both indoors and outdoors. What’s more, a fire sensor can detect flames also from a distance. The Fcam by Ciqurix for example can detect a flame and up to 180 meters. This makes fire camera’s in particular useful for the monitoring of large area, outdoors and indoors. They are the best way to protect fires in forests, large industrial complexes, stadiums, manufacturing plants and many other locations.

One of the biggest advantages of a modern fire sensor system is that they can automatically summon appropriate responder services when they take the fire. In many cases, a fire can be extinguished only minutes after its detection. Thanks to their unparalleled detection times and their high reliability and dependability, fire sensors can keep fire damages at a minimum compared to traditional fire detection systems.

Consult Ciqurix if you want more info on how modern fire sensors can help prevent fire damages.